Sunday, 10 November 2013

Raw Til 4

I know a lot of you out there would love to try out the raw vegan lifestyle but the thought of eating raw at every meal can be daunting and the beginning of your undoing.  
Sure, maybe a raw breakfast and lunch is easy enough, but what about dinner time?  Are you craving your grains, or maybe some baked veggies?
Enter RAW TIL 4.
Basically, you eat raw for breakfast and lunch and then dinner can be a low fat high carb cooked vegan meal of your choice.
Sounds easy enough right?
Well it really is.  It's also good practice to have your heaviest meal at the end of the day so that your body has time to digest it without more food being added on top of it.

The other advantage of eating this way is that it's more sociable.  You can still go out for dinner and there's usually something that you can have, even if you have to tweak it a little bit.  I've found that most chefs will modify a meal and make it vegan, and there's a lot more vegan options on menus these days anyways.

Here's an example of what a low fat high carb Raw Til 4 Day would look like:

Breakfast:  1 L Green Smoothie

Lunch:  Large green salad or zucchini pasta or fruit mono meal

Dinner:  Large green salad +
1 cup cooked grain of choice (use millet, quinoa, rice, amaranth if you are GF), with a side of tomato based vegetable stew.
Buckwheat or corn pasta with low sodium tomato based sauce.
Vegan quinoa paella

Don't forget to drink your water, at least 2 L if possible and try not to eat 3 hours before your bed time.

If you are looking for some low fat cooked vegan meals, please scroll the blog for some ideas.

If you are not vegan, you can add your animal protein at this time, maybe just pair it with veggies or salad as carbs and protein are really hard on your digestive system.
You could also try to keep your animal protein to three times per week, no harm there!

If you haven't yet read The Beauty Detox Solution, you may want to get your hands on a copy of it.  Although she doesn't use the title 'Raw Til 4', she does encourage raw foods until dinner time and her explanations as to why make complete sense, trust me, it'll change the way you look at food and your digestive system overall.

If you want any more food ideas, please check out my instagram as I will be posting some low fat high carb meals in the next few weeks for those of you who choose to start the Raw Til 4 plan.
Treat is as a little 2 week challenge and make it fun.  There's nothing like the word 'challenge' to get you motivated.
And let's face it, how can you fail this?  If you ask me, you're getting the best of both worlds!

Peas, love and mungbeans



  1. No way I'd want my biggest meal at the end of the day. I get the idea that the end of the day would mean you don't have other food dumped on top, hindering digestion. But I'd feel that food on my stomach all thorough the night and my sleep would suffer. But to each his own.

    1. A lot of people feel the way you do, so yes, doing what feels right for you is definitely the way to go x

  2. I am many calories are there in your example of what you eat in a day...It doesn't look like a 2,000 calories day to me?!

    1. I couldn't really tell you as I rather go by how I feel then count calories. Whilst calorie numbers are a good guideline, nothing beats listening to your body which is my preferred method x

    2. I like that...:-) thanks!! (and your blog is really lovely)